The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database or IPSND collects serial numbers of pinball machines and publishes a database of these on the Internet. Our goal is to make available a registration of all pinball machines in existence and allow tools for slicing, dicing and visualization of the data.

Games: 6,165  Serials: 45,053  Visitors: 21,962,557  Members: 3,364  Photos: 22,431  Lat/Lng: 22,475  Masks: 45,053(730.79 %)  Traits: 480  Nudges: 114,284  Backglasses: 1,854
  Most Serials: Twilight Zone(948)  Most Submissions: Rod McLarge(3,053)  Most Points: Rod McLarge(26,141)  Highest Quality: EM-fan(9.10)  Most Nudges: King of Pinball(15,325)
IPDB Data Updates
GameSync DateAction
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Gold Ball2/7/2018ManufacturedMonth updated from '8' to '10'
Fiesta2/7/2018ProductionRunApproximate updated from 'True' to 'False'
Four Five Six2/7/2018GameName updated from 'Four-Five-Six' to 'Four Five Six'
Pin Up1/23/2018Added to Database (6495)
Won-Der-Bar1/23/2018Added to Database (6496)
Triple X1/23/2018Added to Database (6497)
Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium)1/23/2018Added to Database (6475)
Guardians of the Galaxy Limited Edition1/23/2018Added to Database (6476)
Midnight Marauders1/23/2018Added to Database (6498)
Swing1/23/2018ProductionRunApproximate updated from 'True' to 'False'
Ballista1/23/2018Added to Database (6499)
Skill Score1/23/2018Added to Database (6500)
Star Wars (Premium)1/13/2018Added to Database (6429)
Ramp Warrior1/13/2018ManufacturerId updated from '214' to '48'
Bullet Mark1/13/2018Added to Database (6477)
Knock Out1/13/2018Added to Database (6479)
Trap Shoot1/13/2018ManufacturedMonth updated from '' to '4',ManufacturedYear updated from '' to '1973'
Spirit of 761/13/2018ManufacturedMonth updated from '' to '10'
Shoot Out Rifle1/13/2018Added to Database (6480)
Rock On1/13/2018ManufacturedYear updated from '' to '1975'
Hee Haw1/13/2018ManufacturedMonth updated from '4' to '3'
Coney Island Rifle1/13/2018Added to Database (6478)
M-79 Ambush1/13/2018Added to Database (6481)
Rifle Gallery1/13/2018Added to Database (6482)
Safari Rifle1/13/2018Added to Database (6483)
Fun Land Rifle1/13/2018Added to Database (6484)
Carnival Rifle1/13/2018Added to Database (6486)
Foreign Legion Twin Machine Gun1/13/2018Added to Database (6485)
Apollo Moon Shot Rifle1/13/2018Added to Database (6487)
Flying Ducks1/13/2018Added to Database (6488)
Commando Machine Gun1/13/2018Added to Database (6489)
Commando Machine Gun1/13/2018Added to Database (6490)
Super Pinball 911/13/2018Added to Database (6491)
Zingo12/10/2017Added to Database (6473)
Hot Shotz12/10/2017Players updated from '1' to '2'
Rock 'N Roll The Crazy Maze12/10/2017GameType updated from 'Electro-mechanical (EM)' to 'Pure Mechanical (PM)'
Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro)12/10/2017Added to Database (6474)
Video Pinball12/10/2017Added to Database (6432)
Trio11/18/2017ManufacturedMonth updated from '7' to '11'
All The Way11/18/2017ManufacturedMonth updated from '8' to '10'
Trio11/18/2017ManufacturedMonth updated from '7' to '11'
Gold Rush11/18/2017ManufacturedMonth updated from '3' to '5'
Loop the Loop11/18/2017ManufacturedYear updated from '1965' to '1966'
Aces Top11/18/2017ManufacturedMonth updated from '5' to '8'
Cosmint11/18/2017ManufacturedMonth updated from '7' to '1',ManufacturedYear updated from '1968' to '1969'
Bullfight11/18/2017ManufacturedMonth updated from '10' to '1',ManufacturedYear updated from '1964' to '1965'
Shoot-A-Line11/18/2017ManufacturedMonth updated from '2' to '3'
Zip-A-Doo11/18/2017ManufacturedMonth updated from '12' to '8',ManufacturedYear updated from '1969' to '1970'
Wild Wheels11/18/2017ManufacturedMonth updated from '9' to '2',ManufacturedYear updated from '1965' to '1966'
The Wiggler11/18/2017ManufacturedMonth updated from '2' to '8'

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